I completed an iterative 3-years plan that I started with Tiger Woods 11 in order to improve the visual quality of the environments and to support dynamic lighting. Creating visual targets, I drove the graphical implementation of multiple shaders and rendering effects, including a pseudo-HDR rendering technique, to support multiple lighting conditions on the same courses, animated clouds and sky colors, lens effects (sun rays, lens flares, vignette, chromatic aberration, Depth of Field with Bokeh effect), water caustics and color grading with look-up tables.
I defined benchmarks to support the broadcast look & feel of the game, improving crowd visual quality, overhauling the animation system, introducing 4 levels of presentation for tournaments and completely re-branding the user interface.
In parallel, I kept pushing for visual improvements on vegetation, props and character models, textures, shaders and animations.

I personally worked on in-game cameras to create beauty shots for loading screens, tournament presentation fly-through and replay sequences. I created all the color grading LUTs used for all courses, vintage eras and gameplay events, as well as all animated logos, videos and in-game cameras for the broadcast presentation of the game.
1. Actual reference photo of the course. This was taken by production artists who flew to Dubai to gather 3D scans and references of the entire course.
2. Photograph of the course, found on the country club website. Notice how different the colors are in comparison to the actual photograph in Nr.1.
3. In-game screenshot of the course, without color grading. Lighting and shaders were adjusted to match as closely as possible the reference photo.
4. Same in-game screenshot with color grading applied in real-time, this time to match as closely as possible the website photograph.
1. Color grading off.
2. Color grading on, triggered by "Tiger Legacy" 70's mode.
Color grading triggered by "Tiger Legacy" mode for 70's, 80's, 90's and nowadays eras.
1. Color grading off (Interactive mode).
2. Color grading on (Replay mode).
1. Color grading off (Interactive mode).
2. Color grading on (Replay mode).
1. Golf course beauty shot. In-game real-time camera, animated with linear pan motion from right to left.
2. Tournament logo. Video pre-rendered with alpha channel, matching real-time camera motion.
3. Round and course information. Dynamic UI elements overlay.
4. Final real-time compositing.
The same video is used across all courses, with the real-time camera always facing the sun the same way to match the direction of shadows.
Pre-rendered video variation for overcast and rainy weather conditions, matching reflections and soft shadows.
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