About Me

Professional Summary

I have 20+ years of hands-on production experience in all artistic disciplines of game development, from concept art, texturing to real-time and high-resolution 3D modeling, animation and visual effects.

I bring 15+ years of experience in staff and project management, building and developing art teams, solving technical- and people-related issues, finding quick and effective solutions to face tight deadlines or budgets, and maintaining state-of-the-art quality while respecting production milestones. I know how to handle long and short projects and to manage small and large teams of artists and animators.

I also have 2 years of experience in CGI work for broadcast production.
Work Experience

Art Director
Smilegate - Germany

Creative Director
Aeria Games - Germany

Senior Art Director
Aeria Games - Germany

Art Director
Yager - Germany

Art Director
Electronic Arts - USA

Art Director | Art Manager
Crytek - Germany

Lead Artist | Art Director
Crytek - Germany

Lead 2D Compositor | Cinematic Art Director
Guerrilla Games - Netherlands

Lead Character Animator
Guerrilla Games - Netherlands

Art Director
Streamline Studios - Netherlands

Lead 3D Artist | Art Director
Valkieser Solutions - Netherlands

Cinematic Lead Artist
CyberArtWorks - Germany

Lead Artist
Wings Simulations - Germany

Concept Artist | 3D Artist
Funcom - Norway
Past Projects

2016 - Zoo Zap (iOS/Android)
2016 - Dawn of Gods (iOS/Android)
2015 - Dead Island 2 (XboxOne/PS4)
2015 - Dreadnought (PC)

2013 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (Xbox360/PS3)
2012 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (Xbox360/PS3)
2011 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (Wii)
2010 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Xbox360/PS3)
2009 - CryEngine3 Tech Demo (Xbox360/PS3)
2008 - Undisclosed AAA title (Xbox360/PS3)
2007 - Crysis(PC)
2005 - Killzone (PS2)
2004 - Shellshock Nam ‘67 (PS2/Xbox)
2003 - Street Racing Syndicate (PS2)
2000 - Demonworld 2 (PC)
1999 - Panzer Elite (PC)
1997 - Paradigm Shift (PC Online)

Master of Arts in Computer Graphics and Computer Animation
University of Social Sciences "Marc Bloch" - France

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Product Design
Campus "La Grande Tourrache" - France

Baccalaureate in Arts and Literature
High School "Antoine de St. Exupery" - France


Bilingual proficiency

Full professional proficiency

DJing, Music Production, Skateboarding, Video Games, Photography, Traditional Drawing, Digital Art.
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