Art Direction
As Art Director, I created, developed & maintained the visual style of the project Dead Island 2 for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC, using Unreal Engine 4.

I directed and managed a small team of concept artists and worked with outsourcing concept art studios to define visual benchmarks and the overall look & feel for the game.
I also managed and mentored a large team of in-house production artists & animators, ensuring quality control and sign-off over all produced art assets.

I constantly pushed to improve art processes, define best practices & implement new tools that would help deliver state-of-the-art quality defined by our visual benchmarks.

- The project was cancelled in July 2015 -
Cinematic Trailer
In collaboration with the CGI studio AxisAnimation, I helped creating the cinematic trailer that was revealed to announce the game at E3 in 2014.

As Art Director, I shared in details the visual direction of the game,
providing benchmark art concepts and in-game assets to AxisAnimation.

I also reviewed various stages of the creation process of the trailer to ensure that the specific look & feel of the game was properly represented.
Gameplay Trailer
Released in August 2014, the "Sunshine and Slaughter" trailer is the only gameplay video that was ever made public.

It features captured footage from a pre-alpha build that is not representative of the visual quality intended for the final release.

It gives however a good overview of some early visual designs for the zombies, player characters, weapons and bosses, as well as the general mood.
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